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Do more in less time!
Helping Busy Leaders Live Free and Fulfilled

Bonus: Focus

Anything worthwhile requires uphill intentional FOCUS!


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About Chad Earhart

Chad is an achievement coach that was born in Joplin, MO, lived in many places, and believes everyone deserves to live free and fulfilled.

He is a dad of four, an entrepreneur, a speaker, trainer, and coach. He loves doing anything he has never done before, enjoys the outdoors as well as indoor sports.  His hobby is helping church leaders and nonprofits achieve what is on their hearts.

He is a credentialed member of the John Maxwell Team, is a certified health coach,  a part time pastor, has an MBA, and is an author. He is a recovering adrenaline junkie. He has been leading since high school, loves doing anything he hasn’t before and learned later that he was addicted to busyness and the adrenaline that came with it. 

Chad’s superpower is coaching and helping leaders achieve more in less time so they can have more time for what they think is important. 

Work less. Accomplish more. Live Free. NOW

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